Thank You To Our Patients

Our patients make the practice and are the heart of everything we do.

When it comes to medical and aesthetic dermatology in Boise, you have a lot of options. Still, not every practice is created equally— while we pride ourselves on top-tier, personalized care, the real reason for our success is you. 

Our patients make the practice and are the heart of everything we do. It’s easy to say, but we mean it: You turn us from a practice to a family and breathe life into the mundane. Whether you’re a new patient or a seasoned original, we value you. Thank you for sticking with us through COVID-19, growing pains, and change as it comes. Thank you for showing up and for continuing to inspire us to be our best and to show up for you every day. 

We know it’s a rare gift to love what you do and the people you do it with: We’re cognizant of how lucky we are and want to ensure that all of our patients know how we feel too. Whether it’s through purchasing new technology, learning new techniques, or through perfecting a style that works for you, we promise to continue to prioritize your needs and create a practice you rely on year after year. 

Keep asking questions and vocalizing your opinion. Hearing from our family is how we evolve to be what you need. While we currently have several state-of-the-art devices, if you’re curious about something you saw on Instagram, bring it up! This is us declaring our loyalty to you — part of that means creating an environment you actually want to spend time in and we’re always open to feedback. 

We promise to take the time to answer all of your questions and to provide every patient with education on how to keep skin healthy and looking its best. For now, it never hurts to refresh and clarify our services: 

Medical Dermatology:

Our medical practice incorporates everything from an annual skin check to skin cancer removal. If you have concerns about warts, moles, skin tags, or acne, we can help you.

Cosmetic Dermatology:

On the other hand, we also offer aesthetic treatments ranging from laser hair removal to microneedling to injectables like Dysport

To celebrate YOU, we’re offering 20% off of any cosmetic medspa treatment over $189, and any Dysport or filler appointments booked in August will receive a $50 off coupon for a HydraFacial!* We love what we do and who we do it for. Let us pamper you. 

No matter your concern, we’re here to help you feel and look like the healthiest version of you. We’re so fortunate to serve you and can’t wait to see you at your next appointment: (208) 888-0660.

*Offers expire 8/31/2022.

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We're happy to answer any questions you may have, feel free to call us at
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