Lisa W.

Dr. Brooks is knowledgeable and makes me feel comfortable!

Natalie B.

Naomi Brooks is the best dermatologist ever. My husband and I have seen Naomi for at least six years.

John B.

Dr. Brooks and staff are very friendly and great to work with. My skin is in much better shape because of them.

Mike P.

I was concerned about a skin issue that I thought might be serious. I learned of the opening of Boise Dermatology and decided to give Dr. Brooks a try. I found the staff to be very professional and welcoming and was pleased with the treatment and follow up. I recommend Dr. Brooks to those who need help with skin issues and general good skin health.

April G.

I am very happy with the results from the medication Dr. Brooks prescribed. My condition has almost completely cleared up. I had a skin problem for several months and tried different over the counter products, but nothing worked. After seeing Dr. Brooks and being prescribed the right medication, my problem is almost gone. I am very happy. Thank you, Dr. Brooks!!

Elizabeth E.

Thank you so much for providing such wonderful service! Dr. Brooks and her staff at Boise Dermatology are very friendly and always provide me and my family with an exceptional experience. She always takes the time to listen and make sure I am comfortable and understand my treatment options. She is extremely knowledgeable and dedicated. We are patients for life!

Bruce B.

Like a lot of people my age (which I won’t reveal), I didn’t utilize sun protection when I was young. I spent a lot of time outdoors. Consequently, I developed many “pre-cancerous” actinic keratosis lesions on my face. I interact with the public all day long in my job and wasn’t keen on the idea of using a topical cream for several weeks to deal with these areas, as the treated areas react and are red and inflamed – many people would think the treated areas look like a contagious infection. Further, after the treatment period, it still takes several more days for the inflamed lesions to heal. Consequently, I elected to have these treated with “Blue Light” at Boise Dermatology. It was a great experience. Basically, my treatment necessitated an office visit of approximately 90 mins. Within a week, the majority of my lesions were nearly resolved, and no one asked me what happened to my face! I was extremely pleased with the experience, and highly recommend it!

Lynette P.

The entire staff at Boise Dermatology was cordial, warm and professional. This may not seem important but seeking medical attention of any kind can be nerve-racking. The initial contact is important to put a patient at ease.

Dr. Brooks gave me a thorough exam and gave me plenty of time to ask questions if I had need. She was alert to an area on my face that had not been of particular concern to my previous dermatologist and therefore to me. The biopsy determined that the doctor’s suspicion was correct—skin cancer. Not surprising considering my history of blistering sunburns. Thanks to Dr. Brooks, this was caught early enough that the removal procedure was not difficult or lengthy. I have already recommended Dr. Brooks, as she gave me the above reasons to do so!

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