How to Enhance Your HydraFacial

HydraFacials are a go-to treatment for a reason: they work! However, the 3-step, 45-minute facial can be taken to the next level with add-ons.

HydraFacials are a go-to treatment for a reason: they work! However, the 3-step, 45-minute facial can be taken to the next level with add-ons. First, let’s refresh on what exactly a HydraFacial is. 

The innovative facial includes three essential steps: cleanse, extract, and hydrate, resulting in soft, nourished skin. The patented wand tool deeply cleanses and exfoliates to prep the skin for extraction, where impurities, dirt, and built-up sebum are removed through pain-free suction. Finally, the skin is infused and saturated with high-quality moisture and hydration for skin that glows and feels smooth as butter to the touch long after you leave the appointment. 

HydraFacials have a cult-like following and are easy to add to your roster of procedures. They can be enhanced with personalized boosters and tailored to your exact concerns. If you have skin, you are right for a HydraFacial; they really are for everyone. The treatment also plays nice with others, and there are our two favorite ways to upgrade yours:

Dermaplane prior to your HydraFacial

Dermaplaning is a great way to prepare your face for all the skin-quenching serums you’ll receive during the HydraFacial. The treatment uses a tool called a dermatome to slough off dead skin cells. The small blade, which looks a bit like an electric razor, gently shaves away the top layer of skin, including peach fuzz. It’s pain-free, non-invasive, and reveals a fresh layer of skin with healthier cells for smoother skin. 

Because dermaplaning removes dead, dirty cells, the skin is ready to receive and absorb the HydraFacial, enhancing the results. Following your dermaplaning, we’ll roll right into the HydraFacial, infusing your skin with hydrating serums that feel good and help your skin look and feel radiant. It’s the perfect way to pregame your facial. 

Add an Eye Perk to brighten your look

Another fabulous way to enhance your classic HydraFacial is with an Eye Perk booster. The skin under the eye is delicate and sensitive. It’s thinner, more translucent, and susceptible to concerns like puffiness and dark circles — thus, it’s important to take extra special care of it. 

An Eye Perk does just that. Using soothing, clarifying, and hydrating properties, the Eye Perk brightens, tones, and firms the outer eye, improves skin hydration, and gently removes the surface layer of dead skin cells. It’s the perfect addition to your hydrating facial, giving your face a full refresh. 

This month we’re offering free dermaplaning or Eye Perk with the purchase of any HydraFacial (a $40-$55 value!)*. There’s no wrong choice, and we can’t wait to help refresh your look just in time for the start of spring. Give us a call and claim your treatment today: (208) 888-0660.

*Offer expires 3/31/2023.

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