Dermaplaning for Glowing Skin

Here’s everything you need to know about one of our favorite treatments for gorgeous skin.

Getting the perfect glow means more than just doing a face mask once a week and moisturizing every day (although we support doing that, too). Dermaplaning is a quick, pain-free treatment that will have your skin feeling baby-soft, and looking brand new. Here’s everything you need to know about one of our favorite treatments for gorgeous skin.

But first, science. The process of skin cell turnover can take anywhere from 20 to 100 days depending on your age (as we grow up, the process length increases). Still, even after the skin cells have regenerated the layer of dead skin cells can stay on your face, leaving behind dull skin and contributing to common issues like breakouts and a lifeless appearance.

Dermaplaning is your quick fix to shed that lifeless layer and reveal flawless skin for total confidence.

This easy, exfoliating treatment has been around for ages but is often overlooked for trendier treatments. We’re letting you in on the secret.

Simply put, dermaplaning involves scraping the surface layers of your skin with a surgical scalpel to remove facial hair (especially that pesky peach fuzz) and dead skin cells. A buildup of dead skin can clog your pores and hair follicles, which cause breakouts and also block your skincare products from penetrating the skin— that’s where dermaplaning comes in. Think of it as a very transformative shaving session.

The result is soft, glowing skin that’s primed for absorbing nutrients and smooth makeup application, so you can achieve your dream aesthetic easily.

Because dermaplaning removes all of the hair and the dead skin cells, any skincare product that you use will penetrate deeper. This is the time to splurge on the retinol, peptides, and hyaluronic acid. Additionally, the lack of hair and lack of rough patches around the face also allow for seamless makeup application: expect foundation that goes on smoothly and has a polished, airbrushed look. It’s an A-list treatment without a Hollywood price tag.

Even if you don’t wear makeup, by removing the dead skin cells, dermaplaning has the ability to reveal fresh, bright skin and allow you to feel great about how you look.

For ideal results, this procedure is done after every skin cycle, so the frequency will vary based on your age, but the awesome benefits are a perk everyone will enjoy.

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